Canadian women have been banging on the doors of power demanding a place at the executive table for decades. Now, in 2022, the tide is turning and the Women’s Economic Council has been funded by government to accelerate women’s inclusion on boards, in leadership and senior management in Canada’s cooperative sector. You can join us in accelerating inclusion, learn more about 50-30 below!

The Women’s Economic Council is excited to announce that we are launching Her Mentors, a research project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The finding resulting from this study will help better understand the needs of newcomer women in mentorship programs and how service providers can develop inclusive targeted interventions. Read the post to know how to join Her Mentors.

The Women’s Economic Council is excited to announce that we are hosting an annual conference – Breaking Barriers: Promoting Inclusive BIPOC Leadership and Economic Development where we will bringing together an amazing group of experts, leaders, and advocates from all over the country to dive deep into the challenges and opportunities facing BIPOC leadership and economic empowerment.

"I was so excited"

The Women’s Economic Council is a national organization and a registered charity. Our mission is to advance every woman’s participation in building resilient and inclusive economies, especially women who experience multiple systemic barriers. We achieve our mission through consultation, networking, research and advocacy to understand and address the challenges women experience creating sustainable livelihoods.