Women’s Economic Council Responds to COVID-19

Media Release

March 19, 2020


The Women’s Economic Council (WEC) is closely monitoring the instructions released by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The safety of our staff, volunteers, and participants are our top priority. The Public Health Agency of Canada encourages reduced exposure to gatherings of more than five people and implementing social distancing measures as a way to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 in the community.

Please note that in the light of this pandemic, WEC will be modifying the delivery format of its public programs, namely the Her Own Boss! action-research project, in the following ways:

  • HOB St. John’s will be transitioning to online or small-group activities only, according to provincial stipulations.
  • HOB Ottawa activities are going virtual, whenever possible. Stay in touch with HOB coordinators for regular updates.
  • HOB Vancouver will offer workshops to participants online to mitigate the risk of spreading infection.

The Women’s Economic Council is a firm believer in the importance of community economic development to build our local assets, improve our local economy, increase the income of families, and rebuild the community wellbeing as a whole. Therefore, we will always stand by our local businesses across Canada, particularly during these times of uncertainty. Local businesses are likely to feel the financial effects of the virus and self-isolation as customers are encouraged to remain at home. Here are some ways that you can continue supporting local businesses and your community, while always following your province’s guidelines.

  1. Pick up and delivery are still options offered by many restaurants and bars (and food delivery apps may deliver to your area)
  2. Buy gift cards from your favourite restaurant, boutique, or business to be used at a later date
  3. Shop online, if possible
  4. Buy local produce or from local farmers’ markets, if possible.
  5. Ask your local business owners how you can help them (or let them know you are thinking of them)

If you are quarantined, self-isolating, or social distancing and looking for something to do, many learning apps offer free entrepreneurship or business classes, or take a look at the business-building resources offered on Weconomie.

To stay aware of new information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, check your province’s public health websites regularly, or take a look at the websites for your local or Provincial Medical Officers of Health, the Public Health Agency of Canada, or the World Health Organization.

Please note that this is a provisional update, and that the situation may change according to federal or provincial regulations.


For more information about WEC’s programs contact:



Pour lire ce communiqué en français, cliquez ici.

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