Organizational Development

The world of business is rife with jargon. Those who work in that world are likely to hear phrases like “in the black” and “going forward” on a regular basis. These are phrases that reflect the growth-focused mindset of business, a mindset that is generally associated with one thing only: higher profit margins.

What Is Organizational Development?

Organizational Development is a way of describing the way an organization can improve itself without necessarily making more money.

It is a definition of progress that takes into account the “triple bottom line:”

  • People
  • Productivity
  • Planet

It’s a humanistic way of thinking about business, rather than a monetary one. It is interdisciplinary, and it can be utilized with any type of business. To learn more, check out, the central organization behind Organizational Development in Canada.

Organization Development and WEC

At the Women’s Economic Council, we consider Organizational Development to be one of the cornerstones of our approach. It addresses the need for a more holistic approach to progress in business, and it gives us a good framework for defining progress as far as our partners are concerned .

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