Welcome to our resources section! Here you’ll find a curated database of the resources we’ve created, as well as explanations of some of the key terms we use.

We hope you find what you’re looking for here, and if you have some suggestions for what could be included in this section in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Who Are These Resources For?

For you!

We want the resources in this section to be accessible across all ages and genders. That being said, we feel that this section will be of particular use if you are in one of the following groups:

  1. New Canadian women
  2. Members of women-centred CED organizations
  3. Members of women-focused organizations

Please feel free to use these resources in your teaching materials, research, or any other way you find them useful, though we would appreciate credit.

List of Resources

Below you’ll find quick access to the resources we have available at the Women’s Economic Council.

Translated Guide on How to use Zoom

Did you send a Zoom invitation to your participants and they are not sure where to start? The guides below will take them step-by-step to your meeting.

Community Economic Development (CED) 

Learn what makes community economic development (CED) organizations different from other types of organizations. We also explain what makes women-centred community economic development so important to what we do as an organization.

Social Enterprise

On this page, we explain the term social enterprise. Social enterprise is often confused with non-profit work, but here you’ll find out just how different it is. You’ll also find some examples of social enterprises from across the country.


Here you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about cooperatives, from their structure to their function. Many women in Canada are part of or are affected by cooperatives in some way. Their role in the economic landscape is one of extreme importance.

Independent Businesses

Businesses that are privately owned are often referred to as independent businesses, but what does that really mean? Find out why independent business is part of our consideration when it comes to women’s economic futures in Canada.

Organizational Development

Organizational development is a complex concept, but an important one. It is concerned with what is called “the triple bottom line,” meaning it takes into account people, productivity and the planet. Find out more about organizational development here.

Other Useful Links

Here you’ll find a list of other useful links. These are links to other organizations we like, other information that will be useful, and tools that we feel are essential.