We care about transparency. While we have a responsibility to keep our information public, we also want the women and organizations with whom we work to benefit from what we have learned.

That’s why we make our annual reports available online. However, this section is dedicated to our more specific project reports. It’s an effort to keep you informed about what we’re doing, and it’s a way to share information and help organizations that follow in our footsteps.

Think Women Report

Check out our latest report published under the umbrella of our Think Women project where we highlight key concerns, challenges, and practices shared by various non-profit organizations that are women and equity focused.

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Always Learning

Research and community development are major parts of WEC’s work. We’re always looking for ways to help organizations operate more sustainably and to make what we do more efficient.

Increasing awareness is an equally important reason for our research. We want to make people aware of the problems women face in our economy. We want to bring the facts to people in a position to influence government policy, but we also want to bring them to the women who will benefit from change. The freer the flow of information, the more available it is for those in need.

Reports and Information

Here, you’ll find research and other project reports that deserve to be featured on our website.

Women and Community Economic Development (CED) in Canada: A Research Report


The above report was initiated to determine the unique strengths and challenges of women-centred CED in Canada. It was the first study of its kind to combine quantitative and qualitative assessments of these types of programs, and the outcome was illuminating.


We worked with a team of women from all over the country. Their research and analysis was done in a holistic manner, combining various different approaches. Case studies, interviews, and facilitated discussions were all utilized in order to get a clear picture of the state of women-centred CED in Canada.

Findings and Recommendations

The research shows that women and men do not occupy the same position in relation to policy, employment or the economy. Instead, women appear to be more vulnerable to poverty and a lack of economic security. Further, we determined that the situation is getting worse in some ways, with governmental funding cutbacks contributing to a diminishing level of economic security for many women.