Launching “Her Own Boss!”

WEC is pleased to announce the launch of “Her Own Boss!“,an innovative and inclusive community-based project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Her Own Boss explores the challenges in self-employment for visible minority immigrant women in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Northern and Eastern Ontario, and Eastern Newfoundland. 

Project Timeline:
September 2019 to March 2021. 

Who can participate:

  • Immigrant women from visible minorities
  • Non-for-profit Organizations (NPOs)
  • Researchers interested in business and employment, or immigrant women

What is this project about?

“Her Own Boss!”  (HOB) is community-based action research involving direct consultation and collaboration with researchers, NPOs, and community members. Through this project, we will support immigrant women in their business journey, learn how current services and resources meet their needs, and find out how to improve service accessibility.

I am an immigrant woman from a visible minority, what will I gain from participation? 

If you decide to take part in this project, we will support you for 6-12 months to start your business. You will receive a personalized needs assessment, referrals to organizations that will help you reach your goals. Additionally, we will help connect you with an experienced mentor in your chosen field of business.

We will also teach you the following in a safe, women-friendly learning environment: 

  • how to focus your business idea
  • the different types of businesses, including different licensing, tax and legal requirements
  • the range of business models well-suited to women and self-employment (e.g. social enterprise and cooperatives)
  • funding opportunities for your business
  • how to increase your network
  • how to improve your professional communication skills, including digital skills
  • how to create action and business plans, understand revenue projections, and more

How can I register?

If you wish to be a participant, apply here

As a researcher or an NPO, what can I gain from participation? 

By participating in the research process or delivering your training, mentoring, business, communication and other specialized services to HOB participants, you gain the following:

  • Recognition for your collaboration on a national project
  • An increase in your organization’s capacity to deliver innovative self-employment support services to newcomers from visible minorities
  • Referrals of new participants
  • A strengthened connection with other NPOs in your community also focused on businesses or employment and interested in delivering services to newcomer women
  • Gain experience in community-based action research, mixed methods design and data gathering in the immigrant services sector

Contact us here if you wish to collaborate with us.