Erin Melnychuck

Director, AB 

Erin Melnychuk made my career out of using traditional business and economic tools applied in non-traditional ways to address challenges within our communities. Whether that’s helping non-profits to become more business-like and learn how to earn their own revenue, or helping businesses to consider their social and environmental impacts, or helping vulnerable neighborhoods develop their own very localized economic development strategies… it’s all about business as a force for good. Erin leads Momentum’s Community Initiatives Department,  which scales community economic development activity within our community, by  leading systems level change and building the capacity of others use business and  economic development tools to achieve social change. Momentum works with people  living on low incomes and partners in our community to create a thriving local economy for all. Momentum develops the economy so that every Calgarian has sufficient income  and assets to thrive.

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