Contract Opportunities

The Women’s Economic Council (WEC) is a not-for-profit charitable organization currently seeking qualified individuals with professional expertise in the following areas:

· Developing and writing policies for a non-profit organization ($10K)

· Coordinating a strategic planning development process and then writing a strategic plan ($7K)

· Planning and coordinating a stakeholder engagement event in Montreal, including outreach and communication with local stakeholders ($5K)

If you are interested in these opportunities, you can apply for one, two or all three positions. Two positions are virtual – the successful candidate can be located anywhere in Canada. The third position takes place in Montréal.

Deadline for submissions: February 24, 2020

Successful candidates will have demonstrated expertise and experience in the following areas:


· Ability to understand and apply plain language principles

· Ability to understand and apply GBA+ principles to a wide range of strategies, activities and written documents

· Show evidence of innovative “possibilities” thinking

· Provide an up-to-date resume with a link to/sample of your work

· Provide names and contact information for three referees with direct experience of your expertise in your chosen area(s)

· Show evidence of your ability to collaborate with the WEC team, and/or contracted professionals in allied fields

· Demonstrate evidence of your ability to guide WEC in its use of technology to increase efficiencies and leverage online resources.

Policy Development/Writing (virtual position)

bilingual French/English candidates are especially welcome

· More than three years documented experience successfully developing and writing policies for non-profit organizations; skilled in writing inclusive policies and developing policies that minimize the adverse effects of intersectionality on women.

· Ability to review WEC’s existing policies and identify any gaps, barriers or impediments to future capacity building

· Based on a thorough review and understanding of WEC’s mission and infrastructures, create policies in key areas including, but not limited to, governance, operations and finance.

· Ability to write, edit, enhance or otherwise produce policies for WEC’s use without reinventing any well-tried wheels; ability to adapt what is already well designed and freely available from trusted sources.

· Willingness to innovate to create forward-thinking policies to sustain WEC well into the future.

· Ability to conduct strategic interviews with WEC board of directors, WEC Collective and other key stakeholders to more fully assess needs, understand our mission and ultimately create policies that enhance WEC’s value in the community.

Strategic planning (virtual position)

bilingual French/English candidates are most welcome

· More than three years of documented experience successfully developing, writing and implementing strategic plans for non-profits, with experience in inclusivity, and addressing complexities arising through intersectionality for women.

· Ability to review WEC’s existing strategic plans; identify gaps and barriers to growth.

· Ability to develop and write a new five-year strengths-based strategic plan. The new plan will enhance WEC’s brand, contribute to building a progressive organization and contain enough detail to guide board and operational activities now and in the foreseeable future.

· Conduct interviews with WEC board of directors, WEC Collective and other stakeholders, individually or in groups, to fully understand WEC’s strategic planning needs, goals and objectives.

· Conduct interviews with community stakeholders/organizations to evaluate WEC’s impact on communities and understand how best to share WEC’s capacity-building activities with our partners and networks.

Event planning, including engagement, outreach and communications (Montreal and virtual)

· Bilingual French and English, written and conversation

· Knowledge of the women-centred/community economic development (CED) ecosystems in the province of Québec and in Montreal, including co-operatives and social enterprises.

· Demonstrated ability to plan, promote and deliver an outreach event in Montreal in, hopefully, June 2020. Strong evidence of event planning skills and experience working in the non-profit sector in Montreal.

· Design and deliver a one-day WEC event to engage representatives from 20 to 30 targeted organizations e.g. roundtable, colloquium, forum etc. The objective is to introduce WEC to local stakeholders, discuss women’s economic empowerment in Quebec, and learn about local Quebec needs, goals and objectives for women’s economic empowerment provincially and nationally.

· Extensive experience engaging with key players in women-centred CED and in inclusivity in Quebec; also engaging with allied social, economic, and political eco-systems. Evidence of strong networking and relationship-building skills within targeted networks in Quebec and Montreal. ·

· Easily and effectively use WEC’s websites ( and and social media to drive promotion for our event, or demonstrate an ability to manage qualified staff hired to engage participants and promote the event and through social media and mostly online engagement.

Please email your submission(s) in English, containing the requested information to Janet Kranz, Co-manager at