Communications Strategist and Content Specialist

Position: Communications Strategist and Content Specialist

Reporting to: WEC Collective

Location: Ottawa-Gatineau, QC or elsewhere, working remotely and in close collaboration with Co-managers in Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal and St. John’s.

Position Type: Short-term Contract – Full time

Work Hours: Flexible – minimum 40h/week; Mon-Fri (mostly)

Compensation: $20-25,000 –Commensurate with experience.


About WEC

The Women’s Economic Council is a national charitable non-profit organization with regional offices in Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau and St. John’s. We are decentralized, meet regularly in virtual workspaces, develop extensive community connections and conduct national and regional projects and programs.

Supported by women-centred community economic development (CED) services and organizations, we help Canadian women, especially marginalized women and those at risk of poverty, achieve their economic goals. We also work with community organizations helping to connect, nurture and support.

We believe in momentum. As we’ve developed our practices, honed our knowledge and improved our network and resources to increase women’s economic empowerment, our momentum has grown. We “build forward” by carefully planning each project we undertake to ensure it is well researched, strategically constructed to meet women’s needs, consults with all the women involved, and is designed for diversity, inclusion and innovation.

Collaboration, cooperation and the drive for change are embodied in everything we do. We believe WEC’s mission to achieve economic security for every woman entirely within the grasp of our society and, as women, we are fully capable of developing the solutions we need, to bring about decent livelihoods for all women in Canada.

WEC women are passionate, driven, and hard-working. We are a small team and the need for everyone to pull together in the same direction is paramount. Our communications strategist will be focused on getting WEC to the next level, nationally.

About your role with this contract

You are an experienced communications professional with a passion for women’s rights and a powerful belief in diversity, equity and inclusion. This is a short contract, and you work fast. You know that even small non-profit organizations run by solo managers in regions across the country can have a national presence. You believe WEC can be seen by more people as a vibrant, significant player in the women’s CED space. You are passionate about leveraging what we started, and growing into a full communications strategy with strategic plans for on- and offline activities and events.

You’re a strategic communications thinker, organized and motivated. You not only develop communications strategies that ring our organization to the attention of funders, peers and change-makers, but you also encourage and support our communications volunteers who are eager to learn from and innovate with you.

You love social media, websites, internet and digital platforms that help tell stories about women changing the face of Canadian business through double and triple bottom lines. You have an unshakeable faith in women’s rights, economically strong and equitable communities, and healthy climates.

As WEC’s key Communications Strategist and Content Specialist you will be the life force behind a new engagement strategy designed to shape how we tell our stories, engage our stakeholders and inspire the women we serve now, and for the foreseeable future.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and develop a full communications and engagement and strategy that will show WEC as a major player in public and women centred CED spaces in Canada.
  • Your strategy will:
  • Attract Large audiences to WEC media and events (online and off) through blog articles, op-eds, press releases, reports, messaging, podcasts, videos and more.
  • Enhance WEC’s brand; rewrite/update inspiring messaging to engage today’s audiences; strengthen our templates toolbox with key communications pieces e.g., annual reports; PowerPoint slides
  • Deliver plans to produce quality content by interviewing team members, partners and stakeholders; attending and covering WEC and other events, looking for stories and ideas; prepare content- print, audio and video – and promote WEC to our networks;
  • Incorporate basic communications software e.g., Canvas, Buffer, WordPress, etc.
  • Update and maintain regular posts on WEC’s websites and social media during your tenure; engage and attract audiences; work with volunteers
  • Support other related duties as needed and agreed upon


The ideal candidate has:

  • Fluency in French – bilingual; familiarity with francophone non-profit communications networks and practices
  • A great desire to flourish; a flexible self-starter; desire to collaborate with team members and engage new stakeholders
  • A passion for WECs work, vision and mission, aligning with WEC’s values of women-centeredness, community, sustainability, support, diversity, respect, advocacy, transparency, accountability:
  • Educational background in journalism, communications, PR, content creation, or equivalent experience
  • At least 3-5 years of communications experience in a non-profit organization and/or virtual organization environment
  • Comfort using these digital tools: MailChimp, Slack, Canvas, WordPress, Google Suite.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and work independently; you’re organized, able to balance many projects at once, and triage priorities. You are flexible.

Bonus point

  • Familiarity Writing about feminism, feminist entrepreneurship, women’s organizations and businesses, the Canadian social enterprise and cooperative sectors
  • knowledgeable about social innovation trends, practices and players
  • Graphic design skills
  • International experience

How to Apply

Application deadline: February 5, 2021. Please submit your full application to, including your resume and cover letter as soon as you are interested.

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted via e-mail and/or phone call.

For more information, visit: and





You can download this job post here CSCS – EN

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