Work From Home Series

We are living in an unprecedented time of needing to stay home for an indeterminate amount of time. Some may be experiencing difficulties with learning how to adapt to their new remote work environments. This series will serve as a guideline for helping you to find out what work from home habits work best for you. It will also help you navigate these new working conditions by offering tips for your workday, best ergonomic practices for working remotely, stories from telecommuting pros, how to best conduct your business from home, and how to effectively work and parent in the same space.

Working From Home Tips

Unsure of how to navigate your new home office? Here are some tips on getting yourself back into a routine.

Ergonomic Practices for the Home Office

Maintaining good posture is only one factor in keeping your body from feeling the strain of working from home.

Working from Home – With Children!

In these new working from home conditions, you may be finding a new dynamic in your family’s routine. How can you juggle your responsibilities as a parent with your responsibilities as an employee?

Chinedu Jennifer Nzom has attempted to answer these questions based on her own experiences as a teleworking mom.