Ten Year Challenge Series

The Women’s Economic Council (WEC) would like to celebrate this new decade by taking a look back at the past ten years and looking forward to the year to come.

Though ten years have passed, WEC still strives towards its vision of economic security for every woman by upholding its mission statement and mandate.

Looking to the year ahead, as well as to the new decade, we asked the current collective—which serves as WEC’s operational arm—Janet Kranz, Valerie Carruthers, and Serah Gazali, a few questions about upcoming projects, and their perspective on the past ten years.

WEC Current Events

What projects and activities are currently in the works for the Women’s Economic Council?

Notable Women

Who are some notable staff, new members, or new partnerships of the community that you would like to recognize for 2019?

Capacity-Building Efforts

How would the Women’s Economic Council describe its capacity-building efforts since 2010?

WEC 2020 Vision

What is the Women’s Economic Council most excited about in 2020?

A Perfect WEC 2030

In a perfect world, what would 2030 look like for WEC?