Every organization has stories to share. Sometimes, these stories get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day operations. When you’re an organization that focuses Canada-wide, it can be easy to forget why we do it.

This page is an opportunity for us to share the stories of just a few of the people who we’ve been able to help over the years. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of the work that we do, and to show the impact we’ve had on individual lives.


Women’s Economic Council Responds to COVID-19


In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, WEC addresses the situation and how they will proceed with activities until further notice.


Ten Year Challenge Series

The Women’s Economic Council (WEC) would like to celebrate this new decade by taking a look back at the past ten years and looking forward to the year to come.

Though ten years have passed, WEC still strives towards its vision of economic security for every woman by upholding its mission statement and mandate.

Looking to the year ahead, as well as to the new decade, we asked the current collective—which serves as WEC’s operational arm—Janet Kranz, Valerie Carruthers, and Serah Gazali, a few questions about upcoming projects, and their perspective on the past ten years.


Ana is Her Own Boss

Ana talks about her experience in the Newfoundland cohort of the Her Own Boss! action-research project. As a participant and volunteer for the project, she discusses her insights into the project and its effects on her business, on other women, and on potential participants


Carly is Her Own Boss

Carlemy talks about her experience in the Ottawa cohort of the Her Own Boss! action-research project. As a participant in the project, she discusses her insights into the project and how it has helped her and other women like her.

Peace of mind

Katherine Keeping

Katherine is a Thunder Bay resident who sells healing gem oils. She’s had a varied past: she was once a communications officer for the military before moving on to theatre production.

When theatre became economically unsustainable, Katherine began looking for other opportunities. WEC and PARO were there to help her along her way to becoming a business owner.

Peace of mind

Serah Gazali

Serah is a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, who is currently doing her Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia on the topic of belonging. It’s a topic that is very important to her.

She has spent much of her life helping others belong, working with refugee-assistance organizations across North America to help people from war-torn countries start new lives.

She became a founding member of and participant in the Arab Women’s Cluster, a part of our Cluster Project . The cluster was a huge success, creating connections and encouraging the development of new business ideas for all participants.