Dear Amazing Mothers – You are a Boss!

by Chinedu Jennifer Nzom

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day in Canada, and for the past week, I promised to express my appreciation to mothers— breaking the mould in the world of business. However, life happens, and I can’t stop myself from thinking—how did mum get it right?

Untitled design (1)In between meeting deadlines, attending virtual meetings for both work and my kid’s schoolwork, I have stopped myself mid-way to revisit my schedule planner and adjust missed tasks. 

Amid the busy schedule, I got to watch a bit of a Korean drama ‘Live up to your name,’ set in both the present modern time and the Joseon dynasty. 

The drama series got me thinking of how I would manage life with no technology or secure access to information. Of course, I could not help but think of how my mother managed in the 80s in our humble home—the good old days of modest technology. 

I don’t recall her using that many electrical appliances to prepare our meals. Yet, somehow we woke up early before 6 am to get prepped for school while she packed our lunch boxes, uniforms sorted out and breakfast ready. Still, she would try to beat the traffic, taking us to school and making it on time to begin early at work. I don’t think we had proper school bus services then. 

At the time, she worked as a teacher, started a business with my father in trading, and went further to build a private school.

Even as a businesswoman, her primary goal was to ensure that her six children grew to be successful in our chosen paths in life. Of course, she was able to achieve all these with my father’s commitment as well – and help from extended family members—something I miss from time to time since I relocated last year. I must say, my family and I are adjusting pretty well compared to the struggles we anticipated.

I am a mother of two boys, and I can’t stop thinking, how did my mum handle 6 of us? Wow, mum, you are amazing!

I came across a blog on recalling the pieces of advice given by mothers to their daughters – all women in business. I became nostalgic reading the article, remembering not just my mum but my grandmother and aunts. The life and entrepreneurial lessons I learned from these strong women in my life now come handy when I need them – both in my home and towards building my business as a woman. 

We, as mothers and women, strive to leave the world a better place for our children and in good hands when we pass on the baton.

It is incredible what we can achieve as mothers – raising our little ones to be confident towards achieving their goals, just as they watch us brave up towards our responsibilities at home and work.

Ladies, crowns up, put on your best lipstick and celebrate you. You are amazing!


About the Author

Chinedu Jennifer Nzom is a Copywriter from Nigeria. She lives with her family of 4 in Ottawa, Ontario. She writes copy that helps companies achieve their business goals and build relationships with their customers.

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