Board of Directors

Behind every strong organization is a solid board of directors.

Our board provides the oversight and strategic planning that makes our projects successful.


Marie Bassey


Géraldine Jippé


Jessica Zhang-Chapman


Melanie Conn

Director and Past-President

Jocelyne  Wesacase-Merasty


Leena Yahia


Sara Raza


Experts in the Field

The issues that we tackle at WEC are complex and require flexibility, expertise, determination and commitment. Our board is carefully chosen to be able to rise to the challenge.

Every member of our board comes from a background rich in experience with women-centred CED. They work with such organizations as Common Thread and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.

From All Over Canada

Our board is decentralized with a central administrative office in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As well, we have an official legal office that is located in Burnaby, BC.

We work locally and nationally. Our board members are involved with projects in their communities as well as helping with work across the country.

Our diverse board also gives us access to many different regional perspectives. For example, the British Columbian perspective on a given issue may differ from that of an Ontarian. We are able to take these regional insights and construct national approaches.

The result is an organization that works nationally, but learns locally.